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Evolve Healthy Home Lighting Series – Part 1

Why do we need to consider lighting design? If we were just looking for pure light in the home we would have several floodlights pumping out thousands of lumens in every room. But obviously, illumination is not the only goal of light

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Understanding “The Grid” California is among national leaders in proactive environmental protection and clean energy policy. However, even in California, where net zero home builders are busier than any other state, many residents don’t fully understand “the grid” and issues that we face to reduce dependence, improve reliability, and ultimately reduce environmental impact

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City of Santa Monica Takes on the Living Building Challenge

Santa Monica has joined the ranks of various other esteemed participants in working to meet the standards set forth in the “Living Building Challenge.” The city is closely following the cue of other cities, such as West Hollywood, that have embraced the concept of green building. In fact, Santa Monica could soon rival West Hollywood by surpassing its current standards for new construction.

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